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          Spectacular Shows

          Fill your senses with music, dance, art, and new ideas

          See chart-topping entertainers. Find endless options for fun. It’s no wonder that Pullman stands among Washington’s .

          On campus

          Entertainment, arts, and celebrations

          Beasley Coliseum

          Your destination for major WSU Pullman events

          Black History Month

          An annual February celebration

          Festival of Contemporary Art Music

          Celebrating contemporary art music and the composers who create it

          Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

          Meaningful encounters with creativity and innovation

          School of Music

          Must-see events for music lovers

          Student Entertainment Board

          Art exhibits, concerts, movie screenings, and more

          Exhibits, lectures, and workshops

          Museum of Anthropology

          Archaeological collections from Eastern Washington, as well as objects representative of the culture of Native American tribes in the Inland Northwest since contact with Europeans

          Bear Center

          For research, education, and conservation of bears worldwide. See live grizzly bears!

          Conner Natural History Museum

          The largest public collection of preserved birds and mammals in the Pacific Northwest—more than 700 species

          James Entomological Collection

          Over 1.25 million specimens of insects and related arthropods, the majority from the Pacific Northwest

          Mycological Herbarium

          Approximately 70,000 specimens of fungi. Located in the Vogel Plant Biosciences Building. Visits by appointment.

          Geology museums

          The Jacklin Collection of cut and polished petrified wood, the Culver Study Memorial, and the S. Elroy McCaw Fluorescent Mineral Display

          Jewett Observatory

          A window to the heavens, with the largest refracting telescope in the state of Washington

          Ownbey Herbarium

          Nearly 350,000 specimens of plants and lichens

          Potter Memorial Lecture Series (Department of Philosophy)

          A lecture from an internationally known philosopher

          Student Entertainment Board

          Art exhibits, movie screenings, and more

          University Planetarium

          Take a sky tour, led by the Department of Astronomy

          Robert P. Worthman Veterinary Anatomy Teaching Museum

          Hundreds of preserved specimens of large and small domestic animals, birds, and wild species

          Off campus

          In Pullman

          Performances by acclaimed ballet, modern dance, jazz, musical theater, and ethnic dance companies

          Food, music, arts and crafts—all in celebration of a wonderful little legume

          Performing music from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, through to 20th century and contemporary choral works

          Hands-on activities let kids of all ages explore scientific concepts

          Affordable, live entertainment for the community. Creative outlets and educational opportunities for theater participants of all ages.

          Fresh produce, crafts, music, and more, from mid-May through mid-October

          Located in historic downtown Pullman

          8 screens of entertainment

          Bringing live classical music to the people of the Palouse

          In neighboring towns

          A former dairy barn transformed into a center for regional, fine, and folk art. Located in Uniontown, 17 miles southeast of Pullman.

          An historic (circa 1908) movie theater, concert hall, and 新11选5 of Moscow Community Theater. Located in downtown Moscow, Idaho, 10 miles west of Pullman.

          Renowned jazz masters join with students to celebrate a truly American form of music. Held at the University of Idaho in Moscow, 10 miles west of Pullman.

          An historic 2-story house built in 1886, restored to reflect periods in its history. Located in Moscow, Idaho, 10 miles west of Pullman.

          This annual June event takes you on a self-guided tour of Moscow businesses, each showcasing the works of regional artists or musicians.

          A Saturday morning event that celebrates local farmers, artists, craftspeople, and musicians. Held May through October in downtown Moscow, Idaho, 10 miles west of Pullman.

          An annual celebration of spring with artisans, food, music, crafts, and more. Held the first weekend of May in East City Park in Moscow, Idaho, 10 miles west of Pullman.

          Exhibits, community events, and workshops featuring University of Idaho students and local artists

          A mid-July outdoor concert series held in East City Park in Moscow, Idaho, 10 miles west of Pullman

          Displaying works of local and regional artists on the second and third floors of Moscow City Hall

          Entertainment all around you

          Another college town next door

          Just 7 miles east of Pullman lies the , which forms the heart of another college town called . With two towns just ten minutes apart, you can choose from twice as many entertainment options.


          Easy drive to major cities

          Eager to travel? It’s less than a day’s drive to any major city in the Pacific Northwest.